Trading under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, will, initially, be subject to a maximum cross-boundary investment quota (i.e. Aggregate Quota), together with a Daily Quota. The Northbound Daily Quota is set at RMB13 billion, and the Southbound Daily Quota is set at RMB10.5 billion.
Northbound trading will follow SSE’s trading hours
SSE Trading Session SSE Trading Hours Time for input Northbound order
Opening Call Auction 09:15 – 09:25 09:10 – 11:30
Continuous Auction (Morning) 09:30 – 11:30
Continuous Auction (Afternoon) 13:00 – 15:00 12:55 – 15:00
- 09:20 – 09:25 SSE will not accept order cancellation
- 09:10 – 09:15; 09:25 – 09:30; 12:55 – 13:00: Orders and order cancellations can be accepted by SEHK but will not be proceeded by SSE until SSE’s market open
- Orders that are not executed during the opening call action session will automatically enter the continuous auction session
Items SSE Securities Hong Kong Stocks
Amend / Cancel order Order amendment is NOT allowed Allowed
Trading currency RMB HKD
Price spread Uniform at RMB0.01 Different securities have different price spread
Day trading NOT allowed Allowed
Board lot 100 shares Defined by listed company
Settlement cycle Securities: settle on T day
Money: settle on T+1 day
Securities: settle on T+2 day
Money: settle on T+2 day
  In the initial stage of operation of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, investors will only be allowed to trade on the other market on days where both markets are open for trading, and banking services are available in both markets on the corresponding settlement days.
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