1: What should I pay attention to before I starting securities trading?
A: You should make sure funds or securities are in your trading account before securities trading, as the full trading amount is required to place a purchase order. Also, securities being sold must be in the account, without restriction, prior to placing a sell order.
2: How should I access my Electronic Trading Services account for the first time?
A: You can login to the Electronic Trading platform by clicking “eTrading” at our homepage with your Account Number and Trading Password.
3: What types of Electronic Trading Services instructions can I submit?
A: Electronic Trading Services only accepts Limit Orders, i.e. an order to buy or sell a stock at a specific price. Limit orders are used to buy securities at a price not exceeding a specified price level; or to sell securities at market prices but only down to a specified minimum price limit. In some volatile markets, you may wish to place orders at limits well beyond the current market price in order to ensure execution.
4: What is pre-opening session?

Pre-opening Session for the securities market is an additional trading session of 30 minutes commencing before the Morning Trading Session. The pre-opening session will commence at 9:00 am, and comprises four periods:

  Order Input Period: 9:00 am - 9:15 am
  Pre-order Matching Period: 9:15 am - 9:20 am
  Order Matching Period: 9:20 am - 9:28 am
  Blocking Period: 9:28 am - 9:30 am
5: How do I trade?
Step 1: Enter your Account Number and Trading Password to access our eTrading platform.
Step 2: Enter the stock symbol, price and quantity, and then click the “buy/sell” button in order to submit the order.
Step 3: A confirmation box will pop up automatically after your order sent, showing the stock symbol, order type, quantity, price, reference commission, other transaction fees and total amount.
Step 4: Double check if the order details are correct, and then click the "Submit" button and to proceed the order..
6: Can I cancel/ change an order?
A: Transactions may be executed rapidly during trading hours, and therefore change or cancellations are in no way guaranteed. If the order has been partially filled, then what is remaining of the order can be cancelled/ changed.
7: How long do my instructions stay "valid"?
A: Orders valid during trading hours (from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm) will be treated as "Day Orders" and any outstanding orders will be cancelled after market closes.
8: How can I track the status of my Electronic Trading Services instructions?
A: Once you have sent an instruction, the real time status of your order will be displayed in the order book (including order reference no., stock no., buy/sell, price, status, quantity, order time, currency and order channel).
9: How many kind of order status are there in Electronic Trading Services?
A: There are following order status in Electronic Trading Services:
  • Comp — Order wholly completed
  • Part — Order partially completed
  • Pend — Order being sent to the Exchange
  • Queue — Order is queuing in the Exchange
  • Inac — Ask/Bid is Below/Above Market 5%
  • Canc — Order cancelled
* All "Inac" orders should be cancelled immediately, please re-input your orders or call us for order details if in doubt.
10: What is the difference between pending and queuing status in the order book?
A: "Pending" indicates the order has been received by the system but not yet to be sent to HKEx. "Queuing" indicates the order has been received by the system and sent to HKEx.

In normal trading hours, "Pending" normally occurs when order price is beyond the HKEx's 20 spread levels limitation. Under this situation, we suggest that you to cancel these "pending" orders and re-input the orders or call us for order details if in doubt.
11: Can I check my transaction history through the eTrading platform?
A: There are two ways for you to view the order status:
  1. You may click on the "Order History" and select the time range, the corresponding order history will be displayed in the order book; and
  2. You may click on the "Portfolio" to display details including stock no., price, current price, shares and current value (If you want to view the update portfolio details, please click the "Refresh" button).
12: What statements will I receive?
A: You will receive a Combined Statement of Account whenever there is any cash or transaction movement within the account. Furthermore, you will also receive a Monthly Statement Account if you hold any stocks on hand or if there is any changes in the balance.
13: How can I place or modify orders in case of system failure?
A: In case of system failure, you can call our Customer Services Hotline at +852 2135 0228 and our designated dealing desk will handle your orders immediately.
14: How do I know if I have encountered system disconnection?

There are possible causes of system disconnection owing to communication interruption, hardware problems. In general, if there is no response from the system on order placement or modification, you should cease immediately further order placement or modification and immediately call our Customer Services Hotline at +852 2135 0228.

15: Can I change my trading passwords?
A: Yes, you can change your trading passwords after you login to your Electronic Trading Services account. You may click on the "Change A/C info" button and follow the instructions on the page.
16: What can I do if I forget or lost my trading password?
  • Notify Customer Services immediately at +852 2135 0228 for unauthorized access prevention.
  • Complete and return the "Request for Change/Reset of Personal Particular".
  • Once your application is validated, a new trading password will be sent to you by post shortly thereafter.
  • For your own protection, you must change a new trading Password before using the services.
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